breaking2 is a fun way for masters runners to compete, collaborate, and celebrate.

This started because a group of masters runners thought it would be fun to train together to try and break 2:00 in 800 meters on the track. It was coined “breaking2”, borrowing from Kipchoge’s famous sub-2 hour marathon attempt.

The idea resonated with a lot of people. Sub-2:00 in the 800m is a challenge for male runners at any age. But for those of us over 40, it takes an elite-level performance to break this barrier (close to a 90% age-graded score). 

And a sub-2:00 performance for a 40-year old male can be extended to men and women of every age using age-grading charts (for example, 2:12 for 800m would be an equivalent performance for a 40 year old woman). So that’s why we decided to set and track equivalent performances across the whole spectrum of masters runners. Heck, we can even extend it down to younger runners.

There’s no doubt that it is a very difficult standard to meet. Most of us will never accomplish it. That’s what makes it so great! It is fun to try, and it is fun to watch others go for it. Those who run sub-2:00 deserve recognition. Everyone who tries is worthy of celebration. 

For those who will never be able to meet this standard, we encourage you to set your own big hairy audacious goal (BHAG). What do you think your are capable of if you are able to run that the highest level you are capable of? Set that as your standard. 

We want to recognize everyone who breaks 2:00, the age-graded equivalent, or their BHAG performance. And we want to recognize all attempts and performances along the way. After all, it is the process of trying to do something like this that really matters. 

The most important part of breaking2 is that is gives us a way to learn about ourselves, our sport, and our community. 

We hope you use this as a way to meet other athletes. Contribute your expertise as you learn from others. Share your learnings  both the victories and the defeats. Celebrate everyone’s audacity to give this a shot.

So let’s join together as a worldwide community of masters runners who like to run fast and have fun doing it!

— the breaking2 crew